Prepare to feel ALIVE. Prepare to be UNCOMFORTABLE. Prepare for the UNEXPECTED.
A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment is a deep dive into the human journey of agonizing pain and powerful purpose. It is uncensored truth, radical honesty and a fearless expression of the life of a broken child turned broken adult. It is a raw, edgy story of grit and grime, suffering and salvation.
Just pure, unfiltered heartspeak about the beautiful chaos of life and the messiness of evolution.
A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment is neither a “show” nor a “performance”. And it is. It is about Isabella’s personal journey and it is not. It is our collective story of being human, of the intense and immense waters we have come here to charter and all of the storms along the way. A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment is about the power of the human spirit rising from the ashes of life. Isabella weaves monologue, spoken word, a bit of song and a touch of dance to be sure to accommodate every palate.
We all have a story. Truths that we hold. And truths waiting to be told. Pieces we’ve carried with us and parts we’ve disowned. We have chapters and chapters of excruciatingly beautiful life inside of us.
A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment is just this. A spotlight on the journey from gore to grace. It is. . . a dive into the chrysalis of humanity where we digest the nutrients of our shame, our pain and our blame as the fuel for ascension. It is. . . an opportunity to Get Real. To Reveal. To Heal. Isabella’s relentless ability to go deep into the fire of trauma and transformation and express the raw emotions and experiences that most people don’t want to look at. . . her willingness to be seen in the mess, the blood and tears, creates an automatic permission slip for others to SAY YES to their own stories.

“There was life before Isabella’s show. And life after Isabella’s show.”

Mary Catherine Shurett Wellness Coach

“Isabella will open your heart, break your heart, and bring you an experience of transformation and compassion that is unlike anything you have ever known. In this one performance, she opens the door to a healing of the sexes that our world is crying out for. Shockingly raw, exquisitely heart opening. . . “

Phyllis Leavitt Author, Psychotherapist

“Isabella’s performance gave me greater insight into the way that I might be contributing to women’s disempowerment by how I show up as a man. I was moved to incredible emotions and tears and even sobbing as I realized the role that I played in hurting or inflicting pain on others, which lead me to apologizing to women and feeling free and liberated. Isabella’s performance fundamentally changed my life.”

Cory Glazier Founder Medi-Meals

“You just saved my life. I remember who I am.”


“Isabella flipped my world upside down. Her performance was a turning point in my life when I started to take charge of darkest areas of my life that I was avoiding and to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. This work needs to be shared with the world!”

James Radina Founder BioCBD+