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Gripping, heart-wrenching, hilarious and inspiring, BODY is a provocative live performance about the insanity of eating, starving, binging, and body image. . . and the loud voice of shame that screams from the shadows in a naming and claiming of the madness that is branded on our skin and etched deep in our cells. BODY turns up the volume on the extremes we go to to be thin and fit in. Even empowered women who are advocates for radical self love and who stand for the eradication of shame in the world. No woman left behind.  And that is just the beginning. . .

BODY is a visceral experience of the hunger pains of the feminine.

It gives powerful voice to the pervasive wounds that fuel our compulsions and drive our obsessions. It is a song of starvation that explodes into a chorus calling out the collective destruction of the feminine and its global impact.

From midnight attacks on a jar of peanut butter to the brutal attack of a woman in India, BODY weaves together the micro and the macro – fighting off the inner demons while defending from external ones – and how they feed each other.

Ultimately, BODY is a Rally Call to ReAwaken. It is a call to REmember, to RE-incarnate. . . and to REturn. It is about women and it is for men. It is a call to us all.

BODY is deeply personal. It is undoubtedly political. It is profoundly spiritual.

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“This show… was EVERYTHING. EVERY…. thing. Brave, brutally transparent, painfully raw, unapologetically real… it’s a challenge to us all. To be the light in the dark. I stood in awe, in appreciation, clapping, tears in my eyes, in a room filled with so much love, so much support, so much hope.The ripples from this performance have only just begun.”

“I sobbed tears of recognition, grief and healing, laughed out loud and felt fiercely grounded in reclaiming more layers of myself in this rally cry for us all.”

“BODY was a testament of God-ness”.

“Isabella a true Revolutionary. A Joan Of Arc, Jane Goodall and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Eve Ensler and Jean Houston… moving the world.”

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“Words cannot describe the incredible impact of BODY. Raw, real, transparent, vulnerable, authentic, magical, transforming. I left that performance as a different human. Like, my cells are different. I grew, I learned. It was powerful as fuck.”

“So profound. Brilliant. Honestly I thought I was going to a play on eating disorders and body image. There’s no way I was prepared. . . this is next level art.”

“I am in awe of what you delivered tonight! I feel cracked open, seen and forever changed.”

“Rarely am I stunned but tonight I was. Bravo to your amazing awakenings for our world. Thank you for the awakenings to myself and to my daughters and their daughters. Shocking, magical, funny. I am so thankful.”

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“I’m not even sure what to call it Isabella, but thank you for your offering to the healing of the human heart and spirit. I am changed.”

“You MUST take this work to the world. Don’t ever stop. Do whatever it takes but the world needs to have this.”

“Wow. Wow. Wow. BODY was truly one of the most riveting, moving pieces of art that I’ve ever had the honor and pleasure of experiencing. A multidimensional transmission of beauty, truth, and wisdom unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

“Take note of this name… Isabella Braveheart. She is truly one of the great female creators of art that makes you feel.  And the best art makes you feel. Thank you. Thank you.”

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