Muse of The Agony and Ecstasy of Life

Isabella Braveheart is an evolutionary performance artist and activist, speaker, playwright, director and producer who transmutes the pains of humanity into the voice of truth through bold multi-media transmissions and heart-centered, experiential events in service of bringing our global family back to wholeness and love.

Isabella is a voice for speaking the unspoken. Eyes for seeing the unseen. And a heart for feeling the unfelt.

She gives her audiences and her clients permission to feel and to heal. . . through the power of truth-telling.

Isabella completed an international tour of her one-woman show, A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment, and recently debuted BODY – The Raw Truth About Body Image, an unapologetically edgy show about the hunger pains of the feminine.

Isabella works with entrepreneurs and change agents to uncover and express their own stories through embodied storytelling, writing and performance art to maximize their impact and connection with their own audiences.

She has a lasting love affair with the evolution of consciousness – personally, politically, socially and globally. She alchemizes the ego and the arts to serve the world as best as she can.

Life is explicit, uncensored and unpredictably evocative. So is Isabella.

Isabella Braveheart is a rare talent. A top-notch writer and a spell-binding performer. She takes us with her into the unedited depths of human anguish and immediately has us laughing through our tears and hers, connecting us not only to our fragile vulnerability but also to the mythic quality of our personal journeys.

Phyllis Leavitt

Author, Psychotherapist

Isabella flipped my world upside down. Her performance was a turning point in my life when I started to take charge of the darkest areas of my life that I was avoiding and to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. This work needs to be shared with the world!
James Radina

Founder & CEO

Isabella is a GENIUS both as a director and a performer. She commands the stage. She brings depth and authenticity to her work and she’s extremely funny. I would highly recommend working with her if you want to find your voice and learn how to masterfully express it on stage.

Tanya Paluso