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Guest Expressionists

Ali Katz

Ashae Sundara

Adam Roa

Destin Gerek

Patrick Combs

Jonathan Budd

Ronja Sebastian

Naia Leigh

Jules Schroeder

Laura Swan
Nina Camille

Monique Darling

Mellissa Seaman

Atilla Cidam

Blake Zealear

Spencer Jacobson

Debbie Lichter

Truth Be Told. Truth Be Bold.

A free 10 day challenge of courageous inner exploration, radical self expression and claiming the biggest, boldest version of you yet.

I dare you to open.
I dare you to speak up.
I dare you to reveal yourself. To feel yourself. And to heal yourself.
And plant your stake in the ground of truth.

I dare you to tell your story. To unapologetically own the journey of your life, the scars you’ve survived and the wounds you’ve inflicted. I dare you to be seen, to be held, to be loved and to be honored for the places you’ve been and the memories you hold.

I dare you to get bigger, to become even more of yourself and expand your creative life force.

I dare you to explore your desire. To deepen your turn-on and to bring fantasies into reality. How much pleasure can you handle? How hot can you get? How expressed can you be with your wants and your needs and your cravings?

I dare you to feel fear – and to say it anyway. To question yourself – and to do it anyway. I dare you to step into the fires of transformation and come out the other side – in your power.

Maybe you’ve been hiding something or harboring shame – a part of your story, a piece of your past or a taboo desire.

Or you’re afraid of being judged, rejected or “failing” if you express yourself authentically.

Perhaps you’ve been playing small. . . in your relationships, in your work, in your art. . . sitting in the audience when you were meant to take the stage or maybe you’re ready for even bigger stages than the ones you’ve been on.

Or maybe you know exactly who you are and what you’re up to, but you know you can play an even bigger, louder, bolder game.

This is an experiment in saying yes.

What is the best that could happen in ten days?
What is the boldest version of your one precious life?
And how courageously can you live it?

Truth Be Told. Truth Be Bold.

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