Do you want Isabella to rock the stage at your next event?
From time to time we come across a performance that shakes us. After experiencing it, we look at life a little differently. We are instantly upgraded by simply witnessing and integrating the content.
At this captivating event Isabella delivered a jaw dropping performance as she embodied the energy of CHINNAMASTA, a wildly evocative self-decapitating Goddess.
Isabella will open your heart, break your heart, and bring you an experience of transformation and compassion that is unlike anything you have ever known. In this one performance, she opens the door to a healing of the sexes that our world is crying out for. Shockingly raw, exquisitely heart opening. . . Phyllis Leavitt

MA, Author

I’ve never been moved to tears so deeply before. Not even byEve Ensler, and Eve’s the best. Laura Swan

Women’s Leadership Coach

Raw, deep, real, and vulnerable. I have never in my life seen an entire audience moved in this way. I was left craving more of her. Isabella is a brilliant thinker of our generation and I am certain she will leave a lasting impact on humanity. Jolie Dawn

Author, Business Coach

Isabella is a GENIUS both as a director and a performer. She commands the stage. Tanya Paluso

Author, Entrepreneur

Isabella’s performance was one of the most impactful experiences I have EVER had to understand the inner workings of a woman and the beauty of the range of emotions that woman can feel. It was inspiring in EVERY way. It made me a better man. Words cannot express the impact she had on me. Eli Call

Real Estate Investor

Isabella flipped my world upside down. Her performance was a turning point in my life. This work needs to be shared with the world. James Radina

Founder BioCBD+