Life is nothing if not radically unpredictable, endlessly confronting and epically transformative. It can be a colorful journey of bloody inner battles, grueling external ones and a most extraordinary Pilgrimage of Evolution. . . should we choose to accept the mission. Isabella Braveheart is a champion for the extraction of truth and power of storytelling as access to untapped levels of connection and compassion.

Isabella’s work as a Transmissionary is a potent blend of Eve Ensler and Brene Brown, weaving performance into her talks to shine light on our deepest truths, eradicating shame with claiming and ownership of the nitty gritty lives we’ve lead. Isabella is monumental in her ability to heal and transform a room through her Performance Keynotes in a way that simply isn’t being done anywhere else. Her work has a unique and powerful ability to unlock, reveal and heal our deepest wounds, our deepest pain and our deepest longing for deliverance and divine connection.

Isabella doesn’t necessarily “talk about” anything. She becomes it. She doesn’t just speak about pain, she IS the pain. She doesn’t just talk about power and purpose, she epitomizes it. Her unique style of blending performance art with speaking takes the audience on a visceral ride into the depths of their own stories, infusing them with permission to fully claim and alchemize their experiences into powerful purpose and inspiration for their unique journeys.

If you want your audience to be left leveled, to be left rocked to the core of truth, lit up, alive and inspired, Isabella will leave an indelible mark in the hearts and heads of your participants.

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A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment

Full One-Woman show performed as as Keynote.

From Darkness to Dharma

How we transmute our deepest suffering into the highest levels of service and purpose. Saying YES to what already IS, to allow the unpredictable magic that is to come.

Walking into the Fire and Rising from the Ashes

How to walk into our fires with courage grace, trusting we will not be burned but transformed.

Using Creative Expression and Storytelling to Heal our Deepest Wounds

Creating lasting healing, connection and compassion through artistic expression. The world is crying out for love and when we see into each other’s histories, our stories, our pain and struggle, we can’t help but to fall in love with ourselves and each other.

Building your Brand Through Revealing Your Story

Creating deep levels of personal connection with your clients, audiences and market through the intimacy of your own story.



“Raw, deep, real, and vulnerable. I have never in my life seen an entire audience moved in this way. I was left craving more of her. Isabella is a brilliant thinker of our generation and I am certain she will leave a lasting impact on humanity.”

Jolie Dawn
Author and Business Coach

“If I could choose between having Mark Zuckerberg speak or Isabella Braveheart, I would choose Isabella hands down. Her audience will be forever transformed in a way Mark could never make happen.”

Raj Lajoti
Founder of, Online Guru and For Benefit Ventures

“I’ve never been moved to tears so deeply before. Not even by Eve Ensler and Eve’s the best I’ve seen.”

Laura Swan
Women’s Empowerment Coach