Truth Be Told HisTestosterone Testimonials 

5 Men. 5 Monologues. One potent night of
Truth Telling.

We all have a story. Truths that we hold. And truths waiting to be told. Pieces we’ve carried with us and parts we’ve disowned. We have chapters and chapters of excruciatingly beautiful life inside of us and untapped wells of wisdom and gold. 

In Truth Be Told His – Testosterone Testimonials, we will turn up the volume on truth. Your truth. 

What has been your journey as a man? What battlefields have you fought on? What armor have you worn? What have you conquered and where have you been defeated? What are the stories beneath your scars?

If your testosterone took the stage, what would he say?

What would he roar?

What would he weep for?

Truth Be Told His – Testosterone Testimonials is your opportunity to unapologetically speak your truth about the journey of the masculine. The experience of man. To give permission, power, understanding and reverence for your unique story, both claimed and unclaimed, told and untold, for the benefit of all. It is your testimony of the embodied and disembodied masculineall of you. 5 men. 5 monologues. One powerful evening of performance.

In the grand timeline of the lineage of Man, what story is yours to tell?

What is lurking in your darkness? 
What is radiating through your light?

It is time to speak TRUTH.

Unfiltered. Uncensored. 
Raw, Vulnerable Truth.

Testosterone. Power. Strength. Sex. Brotherhood. Protector. Warrior. Ambition. Provider. Independence. Innovation. Father. Son. Freedom. Logic. Rock


Arrogance. Insecurity. Dominance. Violence. Oppressor. Fear. Ownership. Aggression. Shut down. War. Shamed. Bullied. Pressure. Perform. Greed. Violation.

Claimed. Reclaimed. Expressed. Free.

Who are you

Who have you been and who are you becoming?

We have been in a time of deep inquiry about and illumination of the patriarchy and the rising of the feminine – giving her voice and restoring her power. It has been a beautiful and tumultuous time of men holding space, listening and beginning to repair what has been ruptured. For those of you who have been courageously stepping up to champion the feminine, thank you. We have quite a history to attend to and this may take a while. Thank you for continuing to stand with Her. 


And. . . we know you also have a voice that hasn’t fully been heard. Your own versions of shut down, dominated, scared, unloved and unable to be accepted as you are. We know you also have a deep and volatile history, have felt unacknowledged, unseen in your gifts and misunderstood in your biology.


Truth Be Told His – Testosterone Testimonials is YOUR time in the spotlight. 


You and four other men will be guided to unearth the parts of your past, your present and your future that are ready to be expressed and turn them into a monologue to be shared on stage. We will meet go deep into the process of creation, expression, writing and embodiment, with two weeks in between to work on, edit and perfect your piece, in preparation to step onto the stage and speak your truth in a very sacred evening of storytelling.   


Does performance art intimidate you? Excite you? Feel completely foreign? In reclamation of the masculine, it is time to give permission back to the hearts and the bodies of our men – to feel fully, to express unapologetically. Testosterone Testimonials is just that, an opportunity to explore the full range of you.

What do you need to say? 

What do you want men to know? 

What do you need women to hear?

I will guide you through a transformative process of exploring and writing your piece through different creative channels. If you’re unsure of what to talk about or how to write it, the story and the style will reveal itself along the way – the most potent and unimagined pieces often come through experiential exercises and during the process of writing. 

You will receive the direction, feedback, creative articulation and performance coaching necessary to take the stage and perform a powerful and engaging monologue as one of the Testosterone Testimonials in Truth Be Told His.

What do you know? What are you learning? What lives inside of you?

One of the most powerful gifts of the stage is that it allows for full artistic license to express – express power, rage, shame, pleasure, pain, “inappropriate”, counter-culture, desire, disappointmentthe full range of man in all his darkness and all his light. Sharing your story on stage is transformative inward and outward. It is radically healing, powerful and liberating for the performer and it is a permission slip for understanding, empathy and compassion for the audience. 

How many stories have changed your life? How many deeply personal transmissions were a massive gift to you and your growth? Your story is exactly that for the future of boys, the lives of men, the understanding of women.

Are you ready to step forward? 

To speak on behalf of your brothers?

What does your Testosterone have to say?


The Program

Limited to 5 Men

Sunday October 27th 10a – 3p

Sunday November 10th 10a -3p

Tuesday November 5th 6-7:30p Group Call

Two 45 minute one-on-one calls with Isabella

Evening Performance – Tuesday November 12th


Investment – $777

Email Isabella at to inquire if this program is a fit for you.


This is the most transformational thing I’ve done for myself. Ever.” 

~ Truth Be Told Participant

*Truth Be Told His – Testosterone Testimonials is open to all who identify as men.

**Truth Be Told Hers – Vagina Voices will run concurrently with Testosterone Testimonials. You are encouraged to attend and support your sisters!