Truth Be Told Her – Vagina Voices 

5 Women. 5 Monologues. One potent night of
Truth Telling.

We all have a story. Truths that we hold. And truths waiting to be told. Pieces we’ve carried with us and parts we’ve disowned. We have chapters and chapters of excruciatingly beautiful life inside of us and untapped wells of wisdom and gold

In Truth Be Told Hers – Vagina Voices and Truth Be Told His – Testosterone Testimonials, we will turn up the volume on truth. The truths of the feminine and the truths of the masculine. YOUR truth.

In the grand timeline of the lineage of Woman, what story is yours to tell?

If your
vagina took the stage, what would she say?
What would she scream?
What would she whisper?

Truth Be Told Hers – Vagina Voices is your opportunity to unapologetically speak your truth about the journey of the feminine.

What has being a woman meant for you? What bumpy roads have you traveled? Where have you fallen and where have you risen? What memories does your body hold and what wisdom does it carry?

Truth Be Told Hers is a journey of permission, power, understanding and reverence for your unique story, both claimed and unclaimed, told and untold and the creative avenues to express it, in the spotlight, for the benefit of all.

How many stories have changed your life and helped you grow? Your story is exactly that for someone else. For the future of girls. The lives of women. The understanding of men. What do we need to know from you about the agony and the ecstasy of the feminine?

What is lurking in your darkness

What is radiating through your light?

From sistership to sexuality, body image to beauty standards, from mother/father wounds to silence and shame, Vagina Voices is your opportunity to express the pains, the pleasures and the powers of the feminine – it is the embodiment of your truth as access to individual and collective liberation through the sacred art of embodied storytelling.

Unfiltered. Uncensored.
Raw, Vulnerable Truth. 

Truth Be Told HersVagina Voices

Workshop – October 26th & November 9th, 2019. 

Performance – November 13th, 2019.

Boulder, CO

Estrogen. Pussy.Womb. Intuition. Birth. Sensuality. Desire. Mother. Daughter. Wisdom. Compassion. Seductress. Maiden. Nurturer.

Overpowered. Silenced. Shamed. Voiceless. Submissive. Obedient. Objectified. Boxed. Violated. Fearful. Shut down. Degraded.

Claimed. Reclaimed. Expressed. Free.

In Truth Be Told Hers – Vagina Voices, you and four other women will be guided to dive into the chrysalis of truth to unearth the parts of your past, your present and your future that are asking to be expressed and turn them into a creative monologue to be performed on stage. We will meet for two Saturdays – 10/26 & 11/9 – to go deep into the process of creation, expression, writing and embodiment, with two weeks in between to work on, edit and perfect your pieces, in preparation to step onto the stage and speak your truth in a very special evening of sacred storytelling and potent performance.   


I will guide you through a transformative process of exploring and writing your story through different creative channels to give birth to your piece. If you’re unsure of what to write about, the story will reveal itself as you go – the most potent and unimagined pieces often come through experiential exercises and during the process of writing. 


You will receive the direction, feedback, creative articulation and performance coaching necessary to take the stage and perform a powerful and engaging monologue as one of the Vagina Voices in Truth Be Told Hers.


This is your opportunity to TAKE THE STAGE and speak your truth in a uniquely engaging and embodied way. 


One of the beautiful gifts of the stage is it allows for full artistic license to express power, rage, shame, pleasure, pain, “inappropriate”, counter-culture, desire, disappointment – the full range of woman in all her darkness and all her light. Sharing your story on stage is transformative inward and outward. It is radically healing, powerful and liberating for the performer and it is a permission slip for understanding, empathy and compassion for the audience. 


Your Vagina. Your Voice. Her Story.


If you’re thinking “I don’t know how to perform” or my story is “too much this” or “not enough that” or “that’s just plain terrifyingor wondering what you would say, you are right on track. 


If you are excited to perform and know what you want to say, you are right on track. Truth Be Told Hers will meet you exactly where you are.


*Your piece can include song, dance, spoken word or poetry if that inspires you. 


If you feel called to be one of the Vagina Voices, even if you’re not sure if this is really right for you, trust that voice and let your vagina speak for you. Let her speak for girls. For women. To men. And I will handle the rest!

What wisdom does your womb hold?

 What does your Vagina have to say?

The Program

Limited to 5 women

Saturday October 26th 10a-3p

Saturday November 9th 10a-3p

Monday November 4th 6-7:30p Group Call

Two 45 minute one-on-one calls with Isabella

Evening Performance – Tuesday November 12th

Investment – $777

Email Isabella at to inquire if this program is a fit for you.

This is the most transformational thing I’ve done for myself. Ever.” 

~ Truth Be Told Participant

*Truth Be Told Hers – Vagina Voices is open to all who identify as women.

*Truth Be Told His – Testosterone Testimonials will run concurrently with Vagina Vagina Voices. You are encouraged to attend and support our brothers!