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Get. Real. Reveal. Heal.

What is your story? 

What is written on the pages of your book? 

We all have a story. Truths that we hold. And truths waiting to be told. Pieces we’ve carried with us and parts we’ve disowned. We have chapters and chapters of excruciatingly beautiful life inside of us. What is on the pages YOUR book? What parts of YOU need to be shared? What is real and alive and ready to be owned, honored and celebrated? Free from fear. Free from shame. Free to be fully expressed.

Truth Be Told is a sacred journey of uncovering and sharing your story. Your Voice. Your truth. You will unearth and explore, hold and be held, as you dive into the chapters of your life book. Places you may know intimately, and places you may have never visited.

Sound scary? Sound exciting?


The good news you’re not alone! We have all walked a bumpy road. And storytelling sets you free!

You will be guided to write a piece from a chapter or perhaps just a page of your life. You may already be clear on what that is, or it may reveal itself along the way. It will be crafted into a monologue with any other forms of artistic expression you desire woven in – i.e dance, spoken word, painting, song, music etc.

You will then have the opportunity to share/perform your piece on stage in celebration and honor of your journey. Honor for your Soul Path. Speaking your Truth and Freeing Your Story!

Through this process of unearthing, creating and writing your piece we will. . .

What labyrinths have you navigated? Where have you gotten lost, hit a dead end or found your way into the light? What storms have you weathered and what has grown from the waters of those rains?

What does it look like to fully give yourself to what’s real? To own the sweet path of your Soul because it is yours. To say yes to the roads you have walked rather than wishing you could have taken a different route.

To Surrender.
Surrender to all that is. . .
All that was. . .
And all that will be. . .
All through the power of Truth.

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real.” ~ Brene Brown

What does it look like to put all your cards on the table? To not only claim your path but to unabashedly share it? Or perhaps abashedly, but to share it nonetheless! What does it feel like when we source our deepest connections through our deepest vulnerabilities? When our hearts open like flower petals from the love we feel by looking into another person’s heart and witnessing the roads they have traveled.

We will dive into truth telling as the access to connection, belonging and courageous self-love.

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering.” ~ Brene Brown

When the caterpillar enters the chrysalis it digests itself. It’s body creates enzymes dissolving everything but the imaginal cells which feed off of the dissolved worm it once was. It needs to use every last bit of nutrients to create the beauty of the butterfly. Without it, there is nothing to fuel its growth. We get to digest our pain, our shame, our blame and our breakthroughs as food for our transformation.

We’ll dissolve what was to feed what is – our creativity, our contribution, our healing. The magic happens inside the cocoon. This process is your chrysalis.

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world.” ~ Brene Brown

This program was created by Isabella Konold to be a renaissance of healing and performance art. The most impactful films and books are the ones that move you, that give you an emotional experience. And the very best are the ones based on true stories. This is your true story.

Each week Isabella will walk you through a profound process of exploring your story through different creative channels as you birth your piece, turning pain into power and speaking your truth. The magic happens when you write your own story.

Not a writer? Not to worry! We are birthing our stories in the way they were meant to come through. Every labor is different, every delivery of every baby is unique to that child and mother. Some are quick and come without effort. Others take time and patience. Regardless, EVERY new parent became so through navigating the unknown. You will be guided throughout the course to create your unique piece in your unique style.

“Isabella is a powerful facilitator and jaw-dropping performer. If you are are lucky enough to work with Isabella you can rest assured that she will create the safest container for you to unravel in, so that you can emerge with a level of self acceptance and peace that you never knew possible.”

Debbie Lichter
Women’s Empowerment Coach

“Truth be Told was one the most personally transformative and healing experiences I have ever had. Intentionally being guided by someone who carries so much sensitivity, elegance and wisdom, was the most profound gift I could ask for. The freedom I have gained from my Truth Be Told experience has forever changed me. No written words can ever describe the level of gratitude and devotion I have for Isabella and her life’s mission. I love you Isabella, beyond anything I can ever express to you. Thank you from the deepest parts of my soul. “

Stephanie Ellis
Yoga Instructor

“Truth Be Told was one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made in myself. Isabella masterfully guided me with unconditional compassion and acceptance. I released and transmuted some of my deepest limiting stories and beliefs forever! I am freer, clearer and happier than I’ve ever been in my life!”

Jeremy Agee

Has a story, a life experience that has shaped who you are? There are as many stories as there are people – experiences involving birth, death, addiction, fear, disease, pregnancy, parenting, abuse, suicide and on. If you are human, you have a story.

Is a writer and wants explore new writing expressions, or has never written a lick of a story but has a story to tell?

Is a performance artist, or would like to try on performance art for the first time?

Is totally freaked out by the idea of creativity or sharing anything at all but knows deep down inside that it is time to embrace fear, embrace uncertainty and free the stories living inside of you?

Then now is the time to let YOUR Truth Be Told!


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