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We welcome you to experience an evening of alluring truth, fearless honesty and riveting performance. A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment is an unapologetically raw, ever so edgy, story of reverence for our individual journeys from darkness to light, unconsciousness to consciousness, pain to power. It is a performance of pure, unfiltered heartspeak about the beautiful chaos of life and the grit of evolution.

Isabella Konold is a muse of the agony and ecstasy of life. She uses grit and guts to create raw, edgy performance art to light up the dark corners of herself and the world. She is fueled by the desire to get real, to reveal and to heal. Isabella is a performance artist, speaker, writer, director and producer, currently touring her One-Woman Show, A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment.

She delivers a riveting unique style of Performance Keynote Speeches in the Entrepreneurial and Personal Growth space, Women’s Conferences and more intimate arenas that serve populations in the areas of addiction, sexual trauma and fertility.

Additionally, Isabella works with entrepreneurs and change agents to uncover and express their own stories through embodied storytelling, writing and performance art to maximize their impact and connection with their own audiences in her Truth Be Told programs.

Isabella has a lasting love affair with the evolution of consciousness – personally, politically, socially and globally. She alchemizes the ego and the arts to serve the world as best as she can.

An Event Not To Be Missed!








BODY… The Raw Truth About Body Image
A provocative live performance.

December 2, 2017

6:30pm – 9:30 pm

Station CoLab Theater, Carlsbad, CA

“Isabella Konold is a rare talent. A top-notch writer and a spell-binding performer. She takes us with her into the unedited depths of human anguish and immediately has us laughing through our tears and hers, connecting us not only to our fragile vulnerability but also to the mythic quality of our personal journeys.”

Phyllis Leavitt
Author, Psychotherapist

“Isabella‘s performance was one of the most impactful experiences I have EVER had to understand the inner workings of a woman and the beauty of the range of emotions that woman can feel. It was inspiring in EVERY way. It made me a better man and helped me show up as a better man for every woman in my life. Words cannot express the impact she had on me.”

Eli Call
Investor & Philanthropist

“Isabella is a GENIUS both as a director and a performer. She commands the stage. She brings depth and authenticity to her work and she’s extremely funny. I would highly recommend working with her if you want to find your voice and learn how to masterfully express it on stage.”

Tanya Paluso
Business Consultant, Facilitator & Author

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